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The word "cordillera" comes from the Spanish language, which in turn derived it from the Latin word "cordis" meaning "heart". "Cordis" referred to the mountain ranges in the European Alps that resembled the shape of a heart, and the term eventually came to be used to describe any long, continuous chain of mountains.
When Spanish explorers and settlers arrived in the Americas, they used the term "cordillera" to describe the many mountain ranges they encountered, including the Andes in South America, the Rocky Mountains in North America, and the Sierra Madre in Mexico. Over time, the term "cordillera" became commonly used in the geologic and geographic fields to refer to any major mountain range or system of mountain ranges.
Today, "cordillera" is a widely recognized term that has been adopted into many languages. In English, it is often used to describe mountain ranges that run parallel to each other, as is the case with the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada.
Here at Cordillera International, we are inspired by mountain ranges like the Andes, Cascades, and Rockies.  No matter how busy we are we always try to use the natural beauty around us to remind us of what's important and use that frame of reference to define our teaching.  We believe that medical and rescue education should not be a walled garden and should be as accessible as possible to everyone around the world!

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Who we are

Cordillera International, LLC is a wilderness medicine & technical rescue education company that offers a range of courses for medical professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and wilderness guides. Our courses are designed to teach participants how to provide medical care in remote and wilderness settings, where access to traditional medical resources is limited or nonexistent.
Cordillera's courses are taught by experienced medical and rescue professionals who have extensive experience in wilderness and remote medical care.  Each course covers a wide range of topics, including patient assessment, wound care, trauma management, and evacuation techniques. In addition to the core curriculum, Cordillera International LLC also offers specialized courses on topics such as altitude medicine, search and rescue, and dive medicine.
Cordillera International LLC's courses are highly regarded in the wilderness medicine community and are known for their high level of hands-on training and practical application. Participants have the opportunity to practice their skills in realistic scenarios and receive personalized feedback from instructors. Cordillera International LLC also offers certifications in accordance with the Wilderness Medical Society, which is widely recognized as the standard for wilderness medical training.

Overall, Cordillera International LLC's wilderness medical courses have a strong reputation for providing high-quality, practical training for medical professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. While it is difficult to directly compare the quality of different wilderness medical programs, Cordillera International LLC's courses are exceeding the expectations of students migrating from other WFR programs. We pride ourselves in being evidence based, flexible to recent changes in understanding, and fully adaptable to our students needs. We will travel to you work to provide you the best training possible. Contact us to book a course today!

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