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Wilderness medical education inspired by the Andes...

Train as a team

Be prepared to help others in need


Tailored Education

We teach in accordance with YOUR needs.  There is no one size fits all approach to learning and we don't try to fit everyone into the same box.  We always keep things fun, engaging, and focused on PRACTICAL skills!

Experienced Instructors

All of our instructors come ready for class with real-world rescue experience and extensive backgrounds in experiential education.  Our instructors utilize a balance of realistic hands-on simulations in conjunction with essential first aid knowledge.  Most of all, we understand that adult learners need to guide their own educational journey, we are just here to facilitate that.

Cutting Edge Curriculum

Our curriculum has been developed in collaboration with the Mountain Training Network (MTN), the most up-to-date wilderness medicine curriculum on the market.  The MTN curriculum is 100% adherent to the guidelines set forth by the Wilderness Medical Society  and goes above and beyond to ensure the content is logical and proves effective in real world situations. We provide what we believe to be the best possible resources available to our students.

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Some of Our Past Satisfied Clients:

  • Cascade Raft & Kayak

  • Sierra Rescue International

  • Idaho Power

  • Coaches for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association

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